WELCOME TO DUETTE LOCALLY GROWN ON LINE MARKET serving Duette and surrounding area.

We invite you to order on line fresh locally grown produce and products.

It works like this…..
This online market is meant to emulate many aspects of a traditional “booths and tables” farmers’ market. The customers are buying directly from the grower or producer, at prices they set. Growers and producers describe what is available, supply photos of the items, and set the purchase price.

Just like at a traditional farmers’ market, the customer can browse everything that is available from all of the different growers. The customer can choose exactly what to buy, how much to buy, and from what grower to buy.

The market opens on Friday night, and runs through Wednesday evening.

Deliveries will be made on Friday.

Payment is made after the customer has had the chance to inspect their order. We accept cash or checks. No credit cards at this time. Minimum order 15.00. No delivery fee. If you are not going to be home, leave a small cooler by your door and we will put you order in it, A small ice pack will help keep your order fresh until you can collect it.

To check out what is available this week click on THE MARKET.